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That night in Lagos,
That sourly evening in Ikeja,
We left our souls in the hands of keepers whose virtues had ceased and morals in vain had from a fountain once flowed.
We were young and restless, brash, like sordid vigilantes in search,
But that night in Ikeja, that sourly evening in Lagos we’d lost our way.

A soldiers cane, an enforcer’s whip, Rolexes left behind and call numbers scrolled on laptop screens, it was that era; the emergence of modern thoughts, unsheathed thighs and low-cut cleavage unveiling blouses; metal rock bands and unprintable acts in conspiratorial tones.

In virile convertibles across the island; the search continued, even to the beaches revived by the intercessions of desperadoes adorning colored garments.
It was the hype, the music that lured us there,
Fela may be gone, but the rhythms of Obalende play on.

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Petraplus NG

Benin-City is more savory to the palate when mentally projected and clothe in the garb of a deliciously wanton and flirtatious nymph clueless about all but one thing- survival’s road map and the thoroughfare to the day’s next meal.

Armed with a litany of warnings and myths about the ancient city I disembarked from the ubiquitous 737 liner and walked straight through the dingy arrival gangway to the warm embrace of the red-mud air, on this day Benin-city would play host to the runners of the entertainment chariot in our beautiful country and as usual would willingly provide the platform for all sorts of nocturnal rendezvous. As ancient as any city around the world could be Benin still carries with it the air of a maiden in waiting- eager, yearning to be ravished devoured as it is by any courageous patron, but…My first appointment is in Ihama a street in…

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Love is not a sentimental gush but like faith expresses itself in distinct spiritual logic.

To grow in love is to become increasingly astute, sagacious and more circumspect in our walk of faith, expressing this faith through the distinct factors of insight and deeper extents of judgement in relating with God and man.

Love is proven in its ability to sense and employ what is vital, choosing that which best promotes God’s perfect will ( that which is His most preferred option or choice).

At its most excellent state Love is wisdom. Love knows the right time. Love knows when to say ‘Yes’ and when to say ‘No’.









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28 Secrets of Exceptionally Productive People

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These Ones Also Have Daughters.

Seeking Radical Revelation


I went to Sun Newspapers last week in company of fellow citizens touched by the plight of missing Chibok girls. At the entrance, I saw two middle aged men bring a press release with the title “Contest or Go To Exile“. This is a threat to the President to ensure that he puts his name on the 2015 ballot.

How thankful should we be that our portion is not of those who are perpetually ‘youths’ even at 40 and are sweating in sun pressuring a candidate to run? I mean I will be 29 in the next few days and I am not into that fold of those who come with this beggarly attitude of waiting for the ‘transport fare’ of the politician. From NANS endorsing the President as Grand Commander of Students and to mothers screaming #BringBackJonathan2015, it is clear that we have a different kind of…

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41 Guaranteed Ways to Accomplish Great Things at Any Age

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10 Ideal Customers are More Important than 30 Random Customers

This is just so on point considering where I am presently in the birthing of my own business.

David Cummings on Startups

Earlier this week I was talking to founders of a local startup about finding product / market fit (stage 1). They had a minimum viable product that was rapidly approaching minimum respectable product but didn’t have any active users yet. We were talking through goals for the next six months and it was emphasized to me that they were going to do everything in their power to sign up 30 paying customers.

After hearing the customer goal, I emphasized that signing 10 customers that fit their ideal customer profile was more important than signing a large number of random customers in the near-term. Here are a few reasons why quality is more important than quantity at the earliest of stages:

  • Customers will always ask for product enhancements, so it’s key that requests align with the entrepreneur’s vision of the future
  • Signing non-ideal customers is fine as long as…

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with jaded eyes we view the dual traffic,
over the floral windows we stand,
our souls caressed by the glow of the sun,
embracedby its warmth,

“does the sun speak to you too,
do you recall his messages?”

words yearn to take us on voyages across veiled lands,

to make us fulfilled,
quickly we become,
too fulfilled too soon.

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I ‘n’ I Experience

Silent moments with my soul,
I return from my sojourn in the land of dreams,
where songs like ‘sailing’ and ‘lessons’ are conceived,
creating the tokens of my consolation – a surplus filled life for me

I erupt in thanksgiving for the one who said no,
who failed to see the colors of the rainbow glow
through the prism of life’s experiences and thus in unbelief did retreat,

Praise to Him who straddles the eternal throne,
for influence on the heart of the one who said yes,
for where others unpliant had seen and left,
she thus believing she’d reign,
having afore conquered…

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time does fly…

Petraplus NG

today i leave U my well loved friends with a poem…a gift on such a noble day as this. Enjoy!

our lives a story, long and winding,
we journey along. like scarred fingers worn from flipping through the pages of time,
we trod, leaving behind pasts, and yawning milestones unveiling the codes of our history…

somewhere else we glow. elsewhere we fade, to avoid the shame we fear, we run, only to meet suffering in that place which our teachers who seemed to know so much yet did so little called – ‘There…’

our change lies in our drive to forgive, and though so often we in lowliness for forgiveness beg, yet do the arrows stick fast, driven deep into our hearts by friends who though so often claim to love us refuse to forget.

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